Sneak Peek: July 2017 Issue

28 Jun Sneak Peek: July 2017 Issue

Fire Up The Flavour

Winter is a time to layer up and enjoy heartier flavours, at home or out. Enjoy the selection from The Taste Kitchen – soups and sensational curries, to name a few. Do yourself a flavour and experiment with new flavours and liven up your meals!

Our home section has expanded from this month to include useful tips and ideas on gardening, we hope you enjoy this new useful section. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a novice first timer, get ideas & inspiration from us to create your perfect landscaped garden; small or big!

Our restaurant reviews are back! Top Table is impartial and anonymous; every month we will be publishing a new review.


Features this month:

  • Savour The Flavour

    Savour The Flavour

    Turn up the heat in the kitchen with these fiery and flavourful recipes.

  • Perfect Balance

    Perfect Balance

    Old blends with new in this 160-year old Victorian home nestled in the heart of Cape Town.

  • 10 Reasons To Visit Zimbabwe

    10 Reasons To Visit Zimbabwe

    10 good reasons why you should add a Zimbabwe safari to your bucket list.

  • Coffee Craze

    Coffee Craze

    Warm up your home with the colours and aromas of freshly brewed coffee.

  • Soups for the Soul

    Soups for the Soul

    Soothe soul with these warming soup recipes.

  • Gravel & Pebble

    Gravel & Pebble

    Make your garden attractive with easy, crisp and modern gravel & pebbles.