Sneak Peek: October 2017 Issue

26 Sep Sneak Peek: October 2017 Issue

Grill & Chill!

There is something special about summer, everything is growing as the heat turns up.

Jump in and read this month’s issue – GRILL & CHILL.
As opposites do attract; what better than to GRILL then CHILL? It’s all about getting the balance right this month! Prepare ahead, then relax….

The Taste Kitchen has a fantastic selection of recipes and drinks to get your month started. From trendy street food recipes to exciting braai recipes, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


Features this month:

  • The Sizzle

    The Sizzle

    Take advantage of hot sunny days. Fire up your braai and create these lip-smacking recipes.

  • Zimbabwe National Parks

    Zimbabwe National Parks

    Zimbabwe is home to 10 National Parks, all of which offer a stunning variety of wildlife and scenery.

  • Street Smarts

    Street Smarts

    Create big tastes with these easy and simple 'fast food at home' recipes.

  • Blush & Charcoal

    Blush & Charcoal

    These two colours can bring a contemporary feel to your home, or they can be used to create a cosy cottagey effect.

  • Spooky Fun Party Idea

    Spooky Fun Party Idea

    Scare up some fun with crafty Halloween decorations, party ideas and crowd-pleasing recipes that are all treat — no trick.

  • Indoor Plant Styling

    Indoor Plant Styling

    Clustered together in a mass, house plants make a striking, attractive feature in a room and provide a welcome splash of green.